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Eden Date: Mar 22nd @ 1:48pm EDT
At times I feel myself thinking about my likeness to the proverbial tree in the forest, wondering if my life is really happening, if my experiences are true or valid if there is no-one significant to share them with.
Would one really fall, if no-one was around to witness the almighty thud?
If an act is unseen or unheard of, does it have an effect on the energy of the world, or even of oneself?
If everyone was doing the same thing, acting totally alone, would the tidal wave rise?
It is a pleasure and privilege to be able to get lost in a place and within your thoughts. But the danger lies when you are no longer certain when awe and splendour becomes romanticism, and romanticism then the fantasy of a rich imagination. But if you are alone anyway and the only 'reality' so to speak of is in fact only yours, can it not be made of anything?
Paris is a city easy to disappear in, especially if you do not speak the language, and I do not speak it well! It is vast, and hurried, and people tend to ignore each other blindly. In fact you can exist and contribute your part to society, without much being noticed in it at all.
I wonder if perhaps that is why I am drawn to here. As an addict of dreaming, and being places I can get lost in.
past 2 Date: Mar 13th @ 1:37pm EDT
It is true that Paris is romantic, but in living here, it is often too difficult or tiresome to peer through the grime and monotony of the day to day to remember this. It has been raining hard in Paris for two days now, the streets are being washed clean, the residents are hiding in their homes or have left the city for summer vacation leaving an air of peacefulness behind, and I have two weeks of absolutely nothing stretched out in front of me, to simply enjoy with no obligation or other consideration. So today, I awoke early to finish an essay I had spent most of yesterday slugging through, then made a pot of Moroccan style stew whilst listening to favourite episodes of 'Friends'. Apres, I wrapped up in my favourite ripped jeans, old battered leather jacket, my vintage black shawl and well loved biker boots and braved the rain. Now, I am one of those strange anomalies, who perhaps comes from being Scottish or perhaps from just being me, who finds great romance in rainy days. And today the rain was perfectly amorous.
It was intense and faultlessly vertical, so I could walk along the cobbled streets, cocooned under my umbrella, quite dry, with barely a person to sidestep along my way. I walked to a corner cafe by the canal and ordered a cafe crème, sitting outside under a heated lamp, buddled up as a sheet of rain spilling from the overhead canopy provided a safe shield between myself and the outside world, which allowed my imagination to run wild as I jotted story ideas down on a napkin.
I do love you part 1 Date: Feb 21st @ 3:15pm EST
hi guys..dis s manu n my lovers name s ammu..

she s a tamil girl.

i saw her on my 1st day of col..i hav seen so many girls but i hav never felt to spend time with any of them.wen i saw her at first i felt to share everything wth her n make her my friend. but after sme days without knowing i started to love her.but i came to knw tht she s already committed to sme1 else.but i didnt stop luving her.den i didnt tel my luv to her.

After 2years,my friend gave intro to her n we started talking to each other..i told everythng abt me n my love...she saud me tht if she s not committed den she myt hav loved me n married me..after smee days she stopped contacting me bcz of sme probs.den 3months later i again called her asking abt her prob..she said her lover broke up with her..after tht i didnt talk to her for 2months..

After tht we started to talk again..and one day she said she loves me..i was very happy for wat she said.we loved each other very madly for 98 days.after tht 1day her father got mild heart she called me and said her problems n said me tht "she cant love me like before n her dad wont allow for our marriage..if we continue dis den it ll b very hard for us to stop loving each its bettr to stop it here" i too agreed wth her decision and told her tht i cant stop loving u..i ll always wait for u n still I DO LOVE YOU...waiting for u...
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